Would you like to Celebrate More Leads?

Would you like to Celebrate More Leads?

How many leads are you currently converting into customers? I bet it’s lower than you think! If you don’t have the numbers on record – stop and think of all those prospects you’ve spoken to on the phone or have come through your door. The ones that have made enquiries but haven’t bought from you yet. How many of those turned into customers? Not everyone feels comfortable with selling. When was the last time you went to the shop and someone “sold to you”? How did that make you feel?

Here are some reasons why people aren’t successful with selling:

  • They don’t have a solid sales process. One that gets reviewed and tweaked on a regular basis.
  • Don’t have the right steps in place
  • They rely on the buyers “buying habits” instead of controlling the sale
  • They’re afraid of being too pushy
  • Don’t really get to the Pain point. By that I mean they don’t know how to find out what the key frustrations and fear are of their prospect
  • Don’t learn how to overcome buying objections
  • Don’t get in front of the right people

It is important as the business owner to have a sales process in place and have your sales team fully trained or if you’re the salesperson in your business then sales training will help you to convert more leads to customers.

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